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Grove Auto Repairs
Grove Auto Repairs is fully certified and completely qualified to perform any service or maintenance on your car.

Our car services & car repairs will keep your factory warranty intact.

This then means there is no need to struggle with dealership service, when you have a qualified, friendly, local neighborhood service facility near your home.

Next time your car needs maintenance or repair, why not give us a try? You’ll notice the difference with your very first visit. We our local to the northern suburbs with many of our customers coming from Golden Grove, Salisbury, Elizabeth, Modbury, & the northern Adelaide hills areas.

At first I was down right afraid to take my car anyplace other than the dealership. I thought they’d void my warranty if I went anywhere else. Then I found out about the Fair Trading Act. Magnusson & Moss By law, any certified shop can work on your car without voiding your warranty. So I only go to Grove Auto Repairs.

The Dealership Alternative – You Never Have To Go Back To The Dealership


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